I gotta stop chasing these endless leads. I’m tired of the journey… I want the destination.

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Fuckin with this Snapchat shit heavy.

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Six months ago.

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I be taking too many pics in this polo

I be taking too many pics in this polo

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Anonymous said: what does good pussy taste like


the all new buffalo chedder stackhouse® at bk for a limited time at select locations


what you got on your Instagram that’s so private? your grande latte? that sandwich you ate yesterday? bye

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Because you care

-I believe I found a company I would like to pursue a career with after graduation.
- I have 4 days left in my internship and I’m ready as hell to be a bum for the rest of this damn summer:
- my internship decided for the future that they want to pay students $8 a hour to do exactly what I’ve spent 90+ hours doing this summer…. FOR FREE -___-
-Your pussy is lopsided and there is not a single thing I can do to fix that.

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Anonymous said: why are you single?


I rarely like someone and when I do

they rarely like me back

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